Prijave Prijava 1736a (Događaj 1736-2021)

Prijava je povezana sa slijedećim događajem: Događaj 1736-2021
ImeJohn M
Razina iskustva4/5
NapomeneThis was just simply stunning. I was doubting the veracity of what I was viewing it was so amazing until my coworker sent me a text "I just saw the brightest most epic meteor ever" And she was in Bellevue, approximately 10-15 miles to the east of me. and she saw it through full tree cover. It was just stunning. I felt like I could see the fragments rotating as they came off... there was a discrete sense of dimensional imagery that I have never seen in 30-40 meteor showers I have intentionally gone off and observed. Big enough and odd enough so I found your website. Just stunning. Left my jaw hanging.
AdresaSeattle, WA
Geografska širina47° 32' 34,85'' N (47,54°)
Geografska dužina 122° 21' 17,99'' W (-122,35°)
Vrijeme i trajanje
Lokalni datum & Vrijeme19.03.2021 02:09 PDT
UT Datum & Vrijeme19.03.2021 09:09 UT
Smjer kretanjaOd gore desno prema dolje lijevo
Silazni kut253°
Azimut gledanja180,23°
Prvi azimut179,11°
Prva visina62°
Zadnji azimut120,4°
Zadnja visina53°
Svjetlina i boja
Zvjezdana magnituda-8
BojaBlue, Dark Green, Green, Orange, Red, White
Istovremeni zvuk
Zakašnjeli zvuk
Trajan trag
Napomeneglittering train with green and orange fragmentation and multiple debris fragmeting and generating separate trains of 5 degrees. Stunning, beyond any of the Perseid or Pleiades
Krajnji bljesak
NapomeneTerminal flash was more of a multitude of smaller fragments. about the size of my thumb... 10 times the size of a shooting star... If it has been straight up it would have looked mike a small firework. I was doubting it was a comet and wondering if it was a homemade munition or missile except my coworker saw it also 30 miles to the east in Bellevue through the trees.
Napomene4-5 fragments on par with what i have seen watching the Perseid shower. Really unlike anything I have ever seen. the fragments were coming off long enough that I was able to get my phone out of my pocket and unlocked. Fragments were leaving trails after the main body had disintegrated.