Prijave Prijava 6099b (Događaj 6099-2022)

Prijava je povezana sa slijedećim događajem: Događaj 6099-2022
ImeGraham B
Razina iskustva2/5
NapomeneIt was the best and brightest I have seen, not like other meteors, it was bigger and slower than the usual "blink of an eye" ones. It came from high in the sky from the east and shot accross the sky lower towards the west at an angle of about 45 degrees. The sky was clear, visibility great. It did not taper at the end and was large in comparison to the usual ones and much brighter. I was facing due south and looking almost straight up. My reason for seeing it was that it was my late Father's birthday and I was praying, talking to him. I took it as a sign that he had heard me! I will never forget it. I have not seen any reports of this and only decided to report it to you because of the one seen in Scotland on the 15 th which was in the news, and very similar, suspected to be space junk. I can't be the only person to have witnessed it. Maybe someone can confirm my sighting with footage from a south facing camera in my area. I hope so. I was not aware of your organisation until now. I will certainly report any more sightings to you as I like to sit in the garden and chill out listening and watching wildlife, even at night. I was amazed also by the sheer number of satellites crossing the night sky, I counted 25 all following each other, the same distance apart, one appearing after the other, after I had seen the fireball, all moving west to east in a long train. It would not surprise me if some of these collided and that is what I saw coming down at speed burning up. But to me, it was a celestial event!
AdresaBamber Bridge, England (GB)
Geografska širina53° 43' 39,09'' N (53,73°)
Geografska dužina 2° 40' 39,85'' W (-2,68°)
Vrijeme i trajanje
Lokalni datum & Vrijeme13.09.2022 20:30 BST
UT Datum & Vrijeme13.09.2022 19:30 UT
Smjer kretanjaOd lijevo gore prema desno dolje
Silazni kut120°
Azimut gledanja180°
Prvi azimut120°
Prva visina77°
Zadnji azimut240°
Zadnja visina19°
Svjetlina i boja
Zvjezdana magnituda-22
BojaLight Yellow, white
Istovremeni zvuk
Zakašnjeli zvuk
Trajan trag
Krajnji bljesak